Thursday, September 30, 2010

C25K Update - Day Ten and Eleven

So before we started last night, I talked to Mom on the phone.  She was trying to convince me that "you have to walk before you run" and thought I should go back to walking.  I saw that as a step backward away from my goal of being able to run a 5K.  I have this plan (C25K) and walking wasn't on the list, so I didn't start with walking.  And now if I go back to walking it "feels" like I'm abandoning my goal.  Maybe it will make me want to give up and giving up scares me.  But man, my knees, ya'll.  After I got off the phone with Mama, we went out to do the routine and a few minutes into the five minute warm-up walk, I knew my knees weren't going to cooperate.  So, while I was walking I thought of doing the following regiment:
  • Monday: Brisk 30 minute walk (the C25K routine is 25 mins, so I'd be adding 5 mins (since it's less intensive))
  • Tuesday: C25K routine (as normal)
  • Wednesday: Brisk 30 minute walk
  • Thursday: C25K routine
  • Friday: BREAK DAY
  • Saturday: Brisk 30 minute walk
  • Sunday: C25K routine (as normal
That way I'm tricking my brain into being okay with not doing the routine everyday because: a) the actual C25K routine suggests you do the routine three times a week and we are still doing that much and b) I don't have to worry about losing momentum (or habit building), because I'm still doing exercise six days a week.  Also, we'd be staggering the intensive with less intensive workouts which I'm hoping will give our muscles/joints time to recuperate every other day.

That said, my knees hurt throughout the brisk walk routine last night (even though it was "just walking").  I'm assuming it's because I was starting from an already inflamed condition.  

Tonight, it was just Joe and I (Sam went somewhere with a friend, she'll be walking tomorrow while Joe and I will be on break).  We had planned to walk tonight also because of the pain in my knees AND because we've already done the routine three times this week (next week will begin the plan listed above).  I'd love to report that since we walked last night my knees were somewhat better but holy hell my knees hurt like a BITCH.  They hurt worse tonight than they have ever hurt.  I was nearly crying.  Joe tried to give me high fives and stuff, but I was in so much pain, I couldn't really even acknowledge him.

While I was out there tonight, I kinda thought that maybe this walking was like slowly pulling off a bandaid.  Like, maybe when we wog at least, we rip that bandaid off.  Ergo, we get those endorphins coursing early into the routine.  Maybe we never even reach a place when we walk that "activates" endorphins.  Because when I wog, I don't really feel shit in terms of pain in my legs after about the fourth rep.  While walking, I feel the pain from the time I start to the time I stop.  Tonight, I was limping.  It was terrible.  When it was all over, I was hardly sweating.  So, boo.  I still finished the thirty minutes though.  I get some credit for that, right?

I'm gonna try one of Mama's anti-inflammatory pills when she gives them to me on Saturday.  If they help, I may go back to doing the C25K routine every night.

I'm so confuuuuuuuusssssssssssssssed even though I thought I had stuff all figured out.  Could you tell?


Tricia said...

Its painful, frustrating, unfair, its a bitch...and you, my dear, are doing wonderfully. Who is it that said its always the problems you don't expect or plan for that actually occur? Just keep on keeping on, it may not happen just as you want/plan, but it will happen. Remember, the tortoise won.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and one more thing. Mama always knows best!

Tammy said...

I think you are doing fine Hon, the two days of walking are just fine that is not backing up, you may have started with too much, It said three days a week, you should do three days a week. I love you and do not want to see you hurt. Try the three days a week thing see if that eases the pain in your knees. I am very proud of you and Sam and Joe. See you Saturday!