Monday, September 27, 2010

C25K Update - Day Seven

So, yeah.  I have good news and bad news.  Welllll....  you know how it was raining tonight, right?  So you can probably guess what the bad news is...

WE GOT SOAKED whilst doing our routine.  Haha.  Fooled ya.  You thought I was gonna say we didn't do it, didn't you?  Ye of little faith!

So, yeah.  The good news is that we totally got right back to it even though it was raining and even though we had just taken a break.  Sam asked me "you know it's raining, right?" and I was like "yeah, and?".  We still did it ya'll.  We still did it.

Tonight, my side didn't hurt nearly as bad (thank ya jeebus!) but my knees hurt really bad for the first time since we started.  And that doesn't really make a lot of sense considering that I had a day of rest.  I could hardly extend my leg during the wogging parts.  But still I tried as best I could.  Hopefully, they will be better tomorrow.  Also, let me just say that while I totally don't want to criticize God's handiwork (any super religious people stop reading now), I do believe He made one teensy design flaw.  The endorphins that kick in AFTER you exercise?  Totally bass ackwards.  I need the endorphins to give me energy and pain relief AT THE BEGINNING of my routine.  Amiright?  But God, you rock for helping to motivate us to get our fat asses out there again tonight.  So, I'll muddle through, flaw and all.

Also, I've been looking at some 5Ks.  There are a couple walks or walk/runs that I'd like to sign up for.  It's kind of expensive to do.  Well, not so much if you are just signing up one person, but signing up 2-3 people at $20-$25 a piece can get kinda costly.  I just have to be choosy and pick the best fit for us.  I'm thinking the first one should be around November.  I'm thinking this one: The 4 mile walk.  Any thoughts?

Speaking of thoughts.  Some people have said they wanted to comment but didn't have a "Google Account" or "OpenID" and that's okay.  You don't need one.  Just select the option that says "Name/URL" and just type your name (and URL if you have one but leave it blank if you don't) and post the comment that way.  Sorry that Blogger makes that so confusing!

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Tammy said...

Good Job! Keep it up!