Sunday, September 26, 2010

C25K Update - Day Six

We all took a break last night (day six).  I guess I should chalk this up as the voices won this battle.  We had a goal to go for seven days straight but honestly I think that was a little unrealistic.  Every exercise program there is, gives you a day or two of rest.  Even the C25K suggests that you only do the routine 3 times a week.  Now, I don't want to consider that because I know that we will lose our momentum after a couple days of break.  Also, it will take FOREVER to get fit enough to do a 5K.  I just want one day a week.

Sam was at a neighbor's house, I was watching the USC game, and Joe has a sinus infection.  I was in so much pain.  Sam and I still talked about going out to do the routine after the game, but I could hardly stay awake through the last half of the game and it was an EXCITING game (but disappointing, Gamecocks lost).  Sam and I talked and decided that if we took ONE DAY to rest, there better not be NO excuses for the rest of the week.  No amount of pain, sickness, nothing.  She agreed.

The biggest concern I had with taking a break was that we would lose momentum and find it easier to let the voices win.  So, I ask anyone who may be reading this (is there anyone? *echo**echo**echo*) to help hold us accountable.  If we get lax and start taking more breaks than just one a week, or stop this entirely, call us.  Scream at us.  Remind us that this is literally life or death.  If we were snorting heroin (is that what one does w/ heroin?  injecting?  smoking?  whatever) on a daily basis, you'd be worried for us, right?  You'd plead with us to get better.  This is the same scenario.

Can I tell you a secret?  It scares the shit out of me to have just written that.  My inclination is to delete it.  The voices say "when you fail, you're going to want to be able to fail unnoticed".  But once again, Ben Davis (the guy from the video in my first post) gives me inspiration:
"If you keep this to yourself, it will be easy to quit. The thing about having a health problem/addiction, is that the natural impulse is to hide it and keep it secret that you’re trying to better yourself. But, it’s also easier to quit if it’s just you that knows about it.
And here’s a secret: Unlike some addictions like alcoholism or drug use that are hideable, obesity is different. People know you’re obese. It’s not your little secret; you’re not fooling anyone (no matter how much black or vertical lines you wear). So if you want to change, tell people. It seems embarrassing, I know. And it’s hard, but you’ll find that the people that love and care about you are going to be excited for you."
 So, tonight (day seven) WE EXERCISE.  No excuses.


Tammy said...

ok one day rest, then right back at it, We love you all!

mom said...

You are right - JUST DO IT!

Love ya Mom - make sure to let us know when you do it.