Tuesday, September 28, 2010

C25K Update - Day Nine

My knees were weirdly better before we started tonight.  I thought it was odd that they healed so quickly.  Well, turns out they didn't.  I still wogged but it really looked EVEN MORE like walking tonight.  And since I've finished my knees have been throbbing and throbbing and now and then a sharp pain shoots down the side of my calf.  This is disconcerting.  I don't want to take a step backward.  I really don't.

The knee problem coupled with some stressful family situations (yes plural) cause tonight to be a pretty miserable night altogether.  I could cry.

But we did it again, you guys.  Here's hoping tomorrow's better.


Alicia said...

Keep your head up girl, you are doing great!! And i wish you didn't have to deal with all that drama, I think that's why the whole dang neighborhood ended up at my house last night, I think everyone is tired of the drama, its not good for anyone, so if you ever need to get away, you know where I live!! I love you girl, and if I can ever get my boys to bed on time I will be right out there with you cheering you on!!

Tammy said...

It will all come out in the wash..don't worry about the stresses..just keep it up..very proud of you all!

Lauren said...

I'm proud youre keepin it up! It's so hard when in pain. My rationale is that you have to figure out which problem is most important to you. If your knees continue to be such a problem, maybe you should see a pain management or ortho dr. Any good doctor would help you decide if it is treatable or a result of the weight. They should be just as proud as the rest of us that you are working towards your weightloss goals. If determined it is the approach causing pain they can probably help you modify it. If it's unrelated they could treat it. Chances are ur like me a preexisting prob that is compounded by the new exercises