Monday, September 27, 2010

C25K Update - Day Eight

Wow, this one was off to a rocky start.  Luckily for us the rain cleared up in enough time for us to get out there and do our routine.  However, there had been an argument before we went out, so there was some bad exercise mojo.  Also, my knees.

Ya'll, I had to drop down to a new paragraph for this topic.  My knees might end this thing in its current form.  I may ultimately have to switch to just walking or we might have to take more breaks (neither of which I want to do).  Taking two Aleve at about 5:30 and taking three Excedrin Extra Strength about 20 mins before we went out there, didn't help the stiffness in my knees or the feeling that they were going to give out at any second.  During the wogging, there was even some pain.  Now about an hour later, they are stiff as hell and feel like they are inflamed.  Or have a fever or something.  Perhaps they are just catching that summer cold everyone's had.  Kidding.  The weak-in-the-knees feeling seems to be cause a strain in the small of my back as well.  Now, folks, I know the pain-that-you-can-grin-and-bear and this is not that.  I feel like serious damage is imminent and I don't know what to do about it.

That said, I WILL NOT GIVE UP.  That's not an option.  Can a doctor give me medicine for this?  Would he considering how fat I am?  I think a doctor would all but call me an idiot though for attempting to wog at all at my weight.  Should I walk and not wog at all?  I SO want to train toward a 5K run, but maybe walking wouldn't counteract that.  Maybe it's just a precursor to running.  I'm really bummed about this.  Honestly.  I don't want to take what I consider a step backward from wogging for 8 mins to not wogging at all.  Hopefully, someone reading can give me some insight.

Despite the argument before the routine and despite my knee issue, we did it and that ONCE again makes me damn proud of all of us.


Tammy said...

You should go to the doctor let them know what you have been doing and see if there is damage or just soreness, That way you know, good job all!

mom said...

I agree - keep up with what you can do and contact your doctor.

There is an old saying..."You have to walk before you can run"....perhaps you need to build up to your wog.

Please do continue...Love ya

~christina~ said...

Oddly enough, my knee is some better today. I guess we'll see how today goes. I took two Aleve this morning. I'll take two more tonight. If it goes back to feeling like yesterday, then I'm gonna have to go to the doctor and I'm pretty sure they're gonna make me stop wogging. :/