Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So tonight marks ONE ENTIRE MONTH (besides the one break night per week) that we've been exercising!  I think that's quite an accomplishment.  Here's to eleventy more months!

I had a pretty emotional day the other day and between talking to Mama about it that day and then talking to Sam tonight, I think things are at a better place.  Also, tonight we took progress pics and I must admit that I can see a bit of a difference in my before and after pics which of course cheers me up a little.

Mama offered to "sponsor" us for our first 5K* and even told me about one that's being held in Blythewood this weekend.  As a reward for our month anniversary, I went and paid for our entrance fee to the race just now.  It's called the Flamingo 5K.  So yeah, our first 5K will be Saturday!!  I know it will make us stronger, I just hope it doesn't kill us.  :)



mom said...

I will be there cheering you on!

Love ya both.....

Tammy said...

Hope to be there myself cheering ya..Good luck!

Anonymous said...

OK missy....what are you up to? Checking in....I know I folded and opened a box of those chocolate butter toffee pecans I am selling....bad, bad, bad. Hope you are stronger...give me some inspiration.