Monday, October 04, 2010

C25K Update

GOOD NEWS, FUH-REAKIN' FINALLY!  I walked without knee pain tonight.  I'm not saying it won't come back.  And I'm not so sure a doctor would advise doing what I did.  But oh freakin' well.  I WIN THIS ROUND, KNEE-PAIN-FROM-HELL!  BWAHAHA.

So, yeah.  I asked the doctor what I could take with the Mobic.  She said Tylenol.  I have in the past taken Excedrin Extra Strength which is 250 mg of acetaminophen/250 mg aspirin/65 mg caffeine.  Three of them to be exact.  I like taking those because the caffeine gives me a boost of energy as well.  But tonight, I started out taking the Mobic about an hour and a half ahead of time.  Didn't do SQUAT.  But I had an idea.  What if the Excedrin wasn't giving someone of my weight enough acetaminophen?  I wouldn't think twice about taking four Tylenol for some other kind of pain.  That's 2000 mg.  So, three Excedrin (250 x 3=750).  I figured I could pretty safely take two regular Tylenol (500 x 2=1000) for a total of 1750 mg of acetaminophen.  So, that's what I did.  Three Excedrin and two regular Tylenol.  I'm going to cut out the Mobic all together because it is SHIT.  Don't even bother fussing at me if you are thinking about it, because a) I'm hardheaded and b) MY KNEES DIDN'T HURT and I NEED TO EXERCISE.  Also, you should know the maximum daily dose is 4000 mg and I haven't/won't take it any other time.  If I have some pain at a different time of the day, I'll take Ibuprofen.

Joe also rubbed some muscle heat cream stuff on my knees.  I think that helped some too.  Oh, and I bought and took a glucosamine chondroitin.  I highly doubt that had anything to do with my knee relief tonight, but I think it will help in the long run.

In other news, we walked again tonight.  The doctor said "don't jog" just like I knew she would.  So I concede.  BUT.  I told everyone tonight, that I will back it up to just walking IF AND ONLY IF, they promised they would start back jogging with me (even if it's just on the staggered schedule I posted a few days ago) once my knees get all healed up.  They agreed.  So it's just walking for now.  I feel pretty okay about that because I was able to walk with some kind of pace considering I didn't have any knee pain.  Before, I was walking so slow (limping, actually) that I didn't even break a sweat.  I felt like I wasn't getting ANY kind of workout.

Okay, so BIG THANKS to everyone who's been following along on our little journey and offering support and suggestions (especially about my knee trouble)!  I just can not adequately express how helpful your comments and suggestions are.  Please continue peeking in on us and holding us accountable if we start to fall by the wayside.  I love you all!  Thanks again!

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